HTP EP 55: Black Beard The Pirate: Separating The Man From The Myth w/ Kevin P. Duffus

The History Things Podcast

Hope you are ready to weigh anchor, because it’s Pat’s birthday week and The History Things Podcast is taking on a topic he has wanted to do for a long time, that’s right, Piracy!

First off, the boys dive into some of their home states stories of piracy, ranging from the Chesapeake Bay, the coast of Maine and even the Great Lakes. Afterwards they bring in a heavy hitter, Kevin P. Duffus, (minute marker 1:00:15)  a researcher and author who specializes in North Carolina history, to talk about the most infamous and perhaps most misunderstood pirate, Black Beard!

Who was this legend of the high seas? Where do we get our information about him from and why do the stories vary so greatly from source to source? Kevin dives into all of these, challenging the classic representation of Black Beard and even the Golden Age of piracy itself. So join us as we set sail in search of the true host of Black Beard!

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Opening music is “Hoist The Colours” as performed by Peyton Parrish.

Thanks for listening, we hope you enjoy the show! 

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