How to Survive the Ice Age

‎The Ancients

When you think of the ‘Ice Age’, tales of saber-toothed predators and hulking megafauna probably come to mind – but what else do we know about prehistoric culture that lived 25,000 years ago, and how did they live? From hunting Woolly Mammoths, to thriving in freezing temperatures – what did it take to survive the Ice Age?

In this episode Tristan welcomes author Cody Cassidy to the podcast to look at what it took to live through the Ice Age, and how one particular culture in Eastern Europe – the Pavlovian Culture – adapted to the extremes. Looking at the changing landscape, the cause of the big freeze, and how to take down a Woolly Mammoth – do you have what it takes to survive the Ice Age? 

You can get Cody’s book here.

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