How The World Took On The British Empire | David Veevers

The ਸੋਚ (Sōch) Podcast

How The World Took On The British Empire | David Veevers

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00:00 – Introduction
05:08 – What factors have contributed to the contentious nature of studying the British Empire in contemporary discourse?
10:39 – Can you share the spark or motivation that led you to the unique angle your book takes?
15:45 – What was your process or criteria in selecting the individuals to be featured in your book?
21:12 – Could you provide insights into the sophisticated and resilient societies and cultures that you’ve encountered in your studies?
29:52 – What were some of the obstacles you faced during your research, and can you describe the methodologies and approaches you employed in your research and study?

40:51 – How has the audience and scholarly community responded to your book, and what feedback have you found particularly insightful?
50:25 – If you had the opportunity to meet and converse with one historical figure from the era you’ve researched, who would you choose and what makes them so fascinating to you?
01:04:11 – What are your go-to activities or hobbies that help you unwind and relax?
01:09:42 – Is there a captivating story or anecdote that didn’t make the cut for your book, but still holds a special place in your heart? Can you share it with us?