185: House of the Rising Son

The History of Egypt Podcast

Ramesses II: Prince of Egypt. When Sety I took power, his eldest son was probably 10—15 years old. The King’s Son Ra-messes (“Born of Ra”) enjoyed a privileged upbringing. And by the time he was physically mature, the young prince was ready to expand the royal household. His father Sety had some plans in that regard…

Details and sources:

  • Date: c. 1299 BCE.
  • Music intro: Keith Zizza.
  • Music interludes and outro: Luke Chaos.
  • Texts: Kenneth Kitchen’s Ramesside Inscriptionsvolume 1. Hieroglyph versions at Internet Archive, English translations at Abercromby Press.
  • Peter Brand, Ramesses II: Egypt’s Ultimate Pharaoh, out now from Lockwood Press.
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