Hitler’s 1941 Invasion of Russia | Part 4: Fortress Stalingrad

Anthology Of Heroes History

In the blazing city, we do not suffer cowards…” – Vasily Chuikov.

This episode marks the penultimate episode of our series tracing Operation Barbarossa, Hitler’s 1941 invasion of the USSR.

Join us as we follow Marshal Friedrich Paulus and the Wehrmacht 6th Army to their fateful end at Stalingrad. Through poignant handwritten letters, we’ll delve into how frontline soldiers grappled with their mortality and the erosion of their faith in Nazi propaganda.

Throughout the episode, we explore the ingenious and brutal strategies employed by Marshall Vasily Chuikov to maintain order amidst the chaos.

In the desperate streets of Stalingrad, Rattenkrieg, or ‘war of the rats,’ emerged as a brutal form of close-quarters urban combat, marked by intense, chaotic skirmishes within the sprawling ruins of the city.

As the tide turns against the Wehrmacht, we witness the Nazi High Command’s struggle against Adolf Hitler’s insistence on a symbolic last stand.

The Battle of Stalingrad, often deemed the deadliest in history, holds a profound place in Russian pride today. Tune in to learn why.

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  • 00:00-Introduction
  • 03:37-Main Characters Recap
  • 06:30-Episode Start
  • 12:18-Chuikov’s Innovations
  • 21:09-Wermacht on brink of victory
  • 29:48-Luftwaffe Bombing Run
  • 35:24-Red Army heroism
  • 40:30-Wermacht dug in for winter
  • 49:38-Operation Uranus begins

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