Halloween Special 2023

The Almost Presidents Podcast

It’s almost Halloween, and while the Haunted House of Representatives has been celebrating all month by ghosting the House Speakership, we’ve brewed up a festive, fun, and spooky episode of The Almost Presidents Podcast: Halloween Edition.

Joining us are new and returning guests to talk presidential horror films and suggest Halloween costumes from across the political spectrum.

(2:45-01:01:01) – We discuss the film “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter” with horror media experts and enthusiasts Steve and Joe from Is It Horror? Podcast!

(01:01:29) – Then, whether you’re trick-or-treating or attending a Halloween Party, we’ve got costume ideas that run the political spectrum. Helping us out are Tim and Andrew from America! The Conversation. So whether you want to represent the Democratic Party or make a real statement in your G.O.P.-themed costume, we have plenty of hilarious suggestions you’ll want to hear!

We hope you enjoy the show and have a Happy Halloween!


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