Global Queenship: Queenship and Modern Empire

Tudors Dynasty

In this episode, Dr. Johanna Strong is joined by Jessica Storoschuk and Dr. Cindy McCreery to hear more about queenship and Empire, this time looking at Elizabeth II. Jess is a historian of monarchy, focusing on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Her main research topics include the Canadian monarchy, royal tours, and representations of the monarchy in the press. She also works for the news site, Royal Central, and has a website that focuses on making history and culture broadly accessible,

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Host: Dr Johanna Strong

Guests: Jessica Storoschuk and Dr. Cindy McCreery

Editing: Rebecca Larson

Episode Music: Tavern Loop One by Alexander Nakarada, Free download: ⁠,⁠ License (CC BY 4.0): ⁠,⁠ Artist website: ⁠⁠
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