For Those Who Wish to Go “a viking”

Vikingology Podcast

For Those Who Wish to Go “a viking”

At Vikingology we like to ponder the various ways that people access and interact with the Viking Age past. C.J. writes historical fiction about it, Terri teaches about it at college and university, and our guests all have their own unique ways of experiencing it. And so it is no different in this episode where we interview Gabe Martin, leader of the historical reenactment group Timberhaven Vikings, based in Portland, Oregon.

We wanted to understand why some people choose to learn and share information about the Vikings by becoming one. We talked with Gabe about the issue of authenticity and what can be gained by recreating the past in very tangible ways such as making clothing, weapons, and tools — a mechanism sometimes referred to as “experimental archaeology.”

We also discussed the challenges of presenting Vikings to modern audiences who sometimes misunderstand or misappropriate the Nordic past.

What does it mean to be a “weekend warrior” in the Viking sense? Take a listen and find out.

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