Episode 49 – Masters of The Air Pt. III

Battle Buddies

The boys have a bad day at work and blow off some steam with wholesome and cheesy BITS! Kevin explains some fascinating characters that enter the story. Walter Cronkite proves that he is the most trusted man in America by lying with confidence. Clark Gable shows that he isn’t just an amazing promoter for cigarettes. We also get to learn how insanely dangerous it was to fly in World War II. Kevin and Spencer discuss the ethics and morales of the decisions made by the men leading the 8th Air Force. If you haven’t already done so, please rate, review, and share our show. The best way to support us would be to join our Patreon. Links to our Patreon, Mailing List, Merch Store, Website, and social media are all below.

(0:00-6:30) Kevin’s Got Bits

(6:31-10:25) Introduction

(10:26-16:16) The Main Characters

(16:17-27:25) The Most Trusted Man in America

(27:26-37:47) Clark Gable

(37:48-46:30) The Greatest Generation

(46:31-1:09:22) Leadership

(1:09:23-1:18:12) Concrete!

(1:18:13-1:23:59) Conclusive Comments

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