Episode 48 – Original Stryker Brigade SBCT Infantryman talks about Iraq 04

Battle Buddies

The Battle Buddies sit down with a combat veteran by the name of Ron. Ron is an Operation Iraqi Freedom Veteran who went overseas multiple times for multiple reasons. Ron goes into detail about his two years in Iraq, contracting in Afghanistan and North Africa. It was an absolute pleasure to have him on and we can’t thank him enough for his presence. Our goal is to be a place for veterans to feel safe so they can share their story as they see fit. Ron does an excellent job laying out his story and perspective and we hope you enjoy his story as much as we did. If you are a veteran or know a veteran who would like to be on the show feel free to email us at battlebuddiespod@gmail.com PLEASE RATE AND REVIEW OUR SHOW. Links to our Patreon, mailing list, merch store, website, and social media are all below. Veteran Surf Alliance link below.

(3:16-8:07) Beer Math

(8:08-16:00) Pulling the Trigger

(16:01-27:45) Ron Joins the Army

(27:46-35:40) The Business of War

(35:41-55:11) The Battle of Najaf

(55:12-1:14:29) PTSD & Anger

(1:14:30-1:16:19) Conclusive Comments

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