Episode 47 – Masters of The Air EXTRA [Veteran Interview]

Battle Buddies

In honor of the ongoing Masters of the Air series the Battle Buddies have decided to welcome on an actual, real-life PILOT! Mark Wells joins the show to discuss his time at the Air Force Academy, what life was like during 9/11 in the military, and how his military career influenced his civilian life. The boys also discuss the classic film “12 O’clock High”. This film is mentioned in the book Masters of the Air so we decided to watch it and pick Mark’s brain. Shout out to Mark for joining us, what a pleasure it was to talk to him. Please rate, review, and share the show. Below are links to our mailing list, merch store, website, and social media. BANZAI!

(0:00-3:20) The Boys Do Bits

(3:21-12:18) Pre/Post 9/11 Air Force

(12:19-15:25) Stop-Loss

(15:26-30:12) 12 O’clock High

(30:13-36:07) Air Force Deployment

(36:08-39:20) Air Force Academy

(39:21-43:17) Favorite Moments of 12 O’clock High

(43:18-47:43) SERE Training

(47:44-56:30) Air Navigators

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