Episode 46 – Masters of The Air Pt. II

Battle Buddies

The Battle Buddies’ series on the Masters of the Air book is still going strong! Welcome back and thank you for joining us on this journey. This episode really breaks down how insanely dangerous and difficult it was to fly in combat during World War II. The 8th Air Force heads to France and experiences their first taste of violence in the air. Pour a couple fingers of scotch, pop a top, spark a spliff, sit back, relax, and enjoy some Battle Buddies. If you haven’t already done so, please rate and review our show. It’d mean the world to us! Below are links to our mailing list, website, and merch store.

(03:30-09:19) September 9th, 1942

(09:20-17:49) Lille, France

(17:50-26:40) Submarine Bunkers

(26:41-40:30) The Dangers of Flying

(40:31-42:40) LeMay

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