Episode 41 – Battle of New Orleans Pt. 3: The Epic Finale (Part Deux)

Battle Buddies

This is it! This is where we fight! Kevin and Spencer ran into some really cool technical issues. This is the second go around for the recording of this epic finale. Kevin and Spencer discuss if this violence in New Orleans could have been avoided or was it necessary to shape the United States. The British finally make their way into New Orleans territory with the world’s strongest fighting force. Jackson has a couple tricks up his sleeve. Tune in and find out how Jackson uses a makeshift army to fight the gentlemen of the King and Queen. Please rate and review our show if you haven’t already done so. We appreciate you. Thank you for listening!

(0:29-3:00) Introduction

(3:01-7:30) Previously on…

(7:31-17:46) Route of British Invasion

(17:47-25:49) The Lay of the Land

(25:50-41:31) Pakenham attacks Jackson’s Line

(41:32-56:24) The Battle of New Orleans

(56:25-1:03:44) Visual Representation

(1:03:45-1:11:53) Games and Theories

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