Episode 40 – Battle of New Orleans Pt. 2: Jackson Needs More Men

Battle Buddies

Kevin and Spencer take a little trip back to 1814 for Part II of our series on New Orleans and its fight against the British. The British approach New Orleans after Jackson takes Spanish owned Pensacola. The Brits battle for an avenue of approach via Lake Borgne. This is a fun episode as we learn about Pirates and horrible metaphors Jackson comes up with to fend off racism. Please rate and review our show if you haven’t already done so. Thanks for being here! We love you!

(00:00-04:16) Introduction

(04:17-05:50) Previously on Battle Buddies

(05:51-08:42) Pensacola

(08:43-15:23) Onto New Orleans

(15:24-20:00) Predictions and Preparations

(20:01-31:56) Lake Borgne

(31:57-37:12) The Shit Hits The Fan

(37:13-42:30) The Americans lose Lake Borgne

(42:31-47:15) The Pirates of New Orleans

(47:16-52:42) Jackson Gets Word of British Movement

(52:43-59:45) Conclusion/Outro

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