Episode 38 – Battle of New Orleans Pt. 1: Is It Lame to Say N’awlins?

Battle Buddies

Grab your beads and free them nips! We are headed to New Orleans to learn about Andrew Jackson protecting the world’s most famous port city at the time. The War of 1812 is nearly over but the British still have their eyes on New Orleans in an effort to stop America’s expansion to the west. There’s Pirates! Who doesn’t love Pirates? So, saddle up, as we journey into the weird history of the United States!

(1:35-8:14) Intro

(8:15-13:18) Slavery Happened

(13:19-17:35) Preface to the Story

(17:36-23:44) Who is Andrew Jackson?

(23:45-30:25) Why New Orleans?

(30:26-41:16) Jackson’s Troops Go Back Home

(41:17-45:10) The British are Cumming, AGAIN!

(45:11-48:37) The War of 1812 is over?

(48:38-50:55) Britain Burns Down Washington

(50:56-57:06) The Pirate Jean Lafitte

(57:07-1:02:36) Attack on Fort Bowyer

(1:02:37-1:09:45) Conclusion/Outro

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