Episode 34 – Off The Beaten Path: Aliens

Battle Buddies

Welcome to Battle Buddies! Today, the boys dive deep into the congressional hearing on MOTHER FUCKING ALIENS! Well, kind of. The hearing was also on topics like UAPs, National Security, and Classified Documents. The hearing was based around three witnesses: Ryan Graves, David Fravor, and David Grusch.

Links to documents/sources/videos below in order of appearance.

(0:30-3:23) Bumpin’ Gums

(3:24-7:40) Let’s talk about E.T. Theory

(7:41-15:30) Intro to the Hearing

(15:31-21:56) Why Should You Care?

(21:57-27:35) Tic Tac Video

(27:36-35:40) What is a SCIF?

(35:41-42:17) So, What Should We Do?

(42:18-45:00) Conspiracy Theories Are Fun

(45:01-52:00) Bottom Line Up Front

(52:01-54:47) The Veterans That Came Forward

(54:48-58:25) Conclusion/Outro


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