Episode 29: Agincourt

Grand Dukes of the West: A History of Valois Burgundy

After years of rising tension between England and France, the ambitious new English King Henry V decided that an expedition to Normandy was the panacea for his domestic troubles. Meanwhile in France, the squabbles between Dauphin, the Armagnacs, and the Burgundians hamstrung efforts for a united defense of the kingdom.

Time Period Covered: 1415

Notable People: John the Fearless, Louis of Guyenne, Henry V of England, John Duke of Berry, Anthony of Burgundy Duke of Brabant, Philip of Burgundy Count of Nevers, Charles Duke of Orleans, Charles d’Albret Constable of France, Marshall Boucicaut, Bernard VII of Armagnac

Notable Events/Developments: Siege of Harcourt, Battle of Agincourt, Death of Louis of Guyenne