Episode 28: On the Outside Looking In

Grand Dukes of the West: A History of Valois Burgundy

After the fall of the Cabochiens, John the Fearless fled Paris and left the city wide open for the Armagnacs to return. Now at the helm of government, the Armagnacs work to use France’s resources to settle their scores with the Duke of Burgundy.

Time Period Covered: 1413-1415

Notable People: John the Fearless, Louis of Guyenne, John Duke of Berry, Anthony of Burgundy Duke of Brabant, Margaret of Burgundy Countess of Hainault-Holland-Zeeland, Philip the Good, Louis de Chalon Count of Tonnerre

Notable Events/Developments: Armagnac Campaign into Picardy and Artois, Treaty of Arras (1414)