Episode 27: Reform and Revolution

Grand Dukes of the West: A History of Valois Burgundy

John the Fearless continues to be dominant in Paris, but with the Peace of Auxerre coming into effect, the Armagnacs are attempting to share in the Government of France once more. To ensure his power, John the Fearless courts the radicals of Paris and the Estates General, but soon the radicals develop a mind of their own and a medieval French Revolution might be in the making.

Time Period Covered: 1413

Notable People: John the Fearless, Louis of Guyenne, John Duke of Berry, Waleran of Luxembourg Count of Saint-Pol, Jean de Troyes, Simon Caboche, Pierre Des Essarts, Eustache de Pavilly, Jean Jouvenal

Notable Events/Developments: Peace of Auxerre, The Cabochien Uprising, The Ordonnance Cabochienne, The Estates General of 1413