Episode 27 – Dunbar Part 2 (Durham Death March)

CavalierCast – The Civil War in Words

Historian John Sadler is my guest, speaking about the fates of the 5000 prisoners taken at the Battle of Dunbar and force marched across the border to Durham. Much of their story was forgotten until 2013, when a mass grave was discovered in the shadow of the world heritage site that is Durham Cathedral.

Warwick Louth also returns to discuss with me the effect of the Battle of Dunbar on Scotland and England.

▪️ What motivated Cromwell & the English to send these Scotsmen into England?

▪️ Why did so many die in Durham?

▪️ How did Dunbar bolster the English Commonwealth’s hold on power?

This podcast looks at anything and everything to do with the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, which is very much an overlooked part of our history. Hopefully CavalierCast can help change that.

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