Episode 26 – English Civil War Society

CavalierCast – The Civil War in Words

I speak to Thomas Zugic, a captain in Lunsford’s Regiment of the English Civil War Society, about a forthcoming re-enactment at Hylton Castle, Sunderland.

▪️Discover more about the ECWS

▪️Find out about this event, as well as some of Thomas’s favourites

▪️Learn why Thomas thinks the capture of royalist Selby was a key event that led to Marston Moor.

This podcast looks at anything and everything to do with the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, which is very much an overlooked part of our history. Hopefully CavalierCast can help change that.

To find out more about the wars, you can read various articles relating to it on my blog: http://www.1642author.com

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