Episode 22: A Cousins’ Quarrel

Grand Dukes of the West: A History of Valois Burgundy

Episode 22: A Cousins’ Quarrel

After Philip the Bold’s death, Louis of Orleans took no time establishing his dominance in Paris. But Philip’s son John wasn’t willing to cede the Burgundian position. Shortly after coming into his inheritance he headed to Paris in order to claw back a share of power.

Time Period Covered: 1404 – 1406

Notable People: John the Fearless, Louis Duke of Orleans, John Duke of Berry, Queen Isabeau, Dauphin Louis of Guyenne, Anthony of Burgundy Duke of Brabant

Notable Events/Developments: The Kidnapping of the Dauphin, Orleanist Dominance in Paris, Alliance between the Queen and Duke of Orleans

Cover Art by Brandon Wilburn

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