EP10: The National CENSUS 100 Years Apart

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Tony is a self-confessed Census nerd and today he’s having a nose around the newly released data from the 1921 census, alongside data from the 2021 census, to reflect on the National Census 100 years apart: what it says about us and why it matters. 

Hosted by Sir Tony Robinson

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Jessamy Carlson

Jessamy is a historian and an archivist who has worked at The National Archives for fifteen years. She was the research lead for the 1921 Census when it was released, and she has just finished her PhD in Sociology at the University of Essex. 

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Jon Wroth-Smith

Director of Census Statistics at the National Records of Scotland (NRS)At the time of recording, Jon was Census Deputy Director at Office for National Statistics. 

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Twitter: @onsfocus 

Find out more about the 1921 Census here: https://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20s-people/the-1921-census/  

Head to https://www.ons.gov.uk/census/maps to find out more about what people’s lives were like across England and Wales in March 2021. 


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