Ep 90: Andrew Krepinevich on Military Revolutions

School of War

Andrew Krepinevich, senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and author of The Origins of Victory: How Disruptive Military Innovation Determines the Fates of Great Powers, joins the show to talk about how to interpret and think about military revolutions of the past and how that can help us forecast the shape of war in the future.



    •    01:35 Introduction 

    •    02:50 Andy Marshall 

    •    07:45 A diagnostic outlook

    •   10:11 The military technical revolution

    •    19:14 How do military revolutions work?

    •    24:49 Playing catch-up 

    •    27:35 The MRAP question

    •   33:34 The pace of change 

    •    42:17 Mass and main force

    •    46:12 What are we not doing that we need to be?

Here is a link to the article referenced in the episode – Hudson Institute – Archipelagic Defense 2.0

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