Ep 89: Mick Ryan on Ukraine, Taiwan, and Future War

School of War

Mick Ryan, Major General (retired) in the Australian Army and author of White Sun War: The Campaign for Taiwan, joins the show to talk about the war today in Ukraine, the potential war in Taiwan, and the changing character of war itself.



    •    02:22 Introduction 

    •    05:49 China on Australia’s radar

    •    11:56 Ukrainian progress 

    •    17:26 Timeframe 

    •   24:00 “We’re helping them tread water. We’re not helping them swim.”

    •    27:37 What is China learning from Ukraine?

    •    35:20 Can China pull off its own Operation Neptune? 

    •    41:12 Looking to the past

    •   44:35 White Sun War 

    •    51:23 Everything new is old

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