Ep 88: John H. Maurer on Alfred Thayer Mahan (New Makers of Modern Strategy #10)

School of War

John H. Maurer, the Alfred Thayer Mahan Professor of Sea Power and Grand Strategy at the Naval War College and contributor to New Makers of Modern Strategy, joins the show to talk about Mahan and his relevance today.



    •    01:30 Introduction 

    •    02:06 Mahan struck from the syllabus

    •    06:30 Early writings

    •    09:19 Looking out at the world 

    •   12:17 Six elements of seapower

    •    15:01 Arming for peace

    •    20:35 Corbett 

    •    22:54 The 18th century

    •   29:49 A political scientist 

    •    35:10 Where might one go wrong?

    •   39:03 Free security

    •    42:26 Who should we be reading? 

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