Ep 109: John Noonan on Nuclear Weapons and Policy

School of War

John Noonan, senior advisor at POLARIS National Security, joins the show to talk about all things nuclear; the life of a missileer, the current U.S. arsenal and its production problems, the strategy of deterrence, and how Congressional oversight helps/hinders good government. 



    •      01:34 Introduction 

    •      02:04 VMI and the Air Force

    •      05:13 Missileers 

    •      11:25 Targets of significance 

    •      16:33 Atrophy 

    •      22:18 Production problems 

    •      27:46 Congressional oversight 

    •      34:30 An unfocused military

    •      44:17 Not getting it done 

    •      47:05 “Raw and abject stupidity”

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