Echoes of the Evacuees: A Forgotten Narrative with Dominic Frisby

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In this episode, Dominic Frisby takes us on a journey into the heart of World War II evacuation, sharing the untold stories from his father’s memoir, “Kisses on a Postcard.” The narrative unfolds as Dominic discusses the impact of wartime separation, the emotional toll on families, and the often-overlooked sacrifices of ordinary civilians.

History Rage and Dominic’s Perspective: Dominic shares his frustration with the selective and often politically biased representation of history. He emphasizes the need to recognize the social consequences of historical events, such as the evacuation, which had a profound and lasting impact on families in the UK.

Evacuation: The Largest Movement of People: Dominic delves into the scale of the evacuation, highlighting the staggering number of 3.5 to 4 million British children separated from their parents. He explores the diverse experiences of evacuees, from happy moments to the heart-wrenching stories of children who never saw their parents again.

Auntie Rose and Uncle Jack: Dominic introduces the remarkable couple, Auntie Rose and Uncle Jack, who took in evacuees, providing love and stability. Uncle Jack, a veteran of World War I, becomes a captivating figure with his anti-authoritarian stance and passion for music.

Near-Death Experience during Bombing: Dominic shares a harrowing near-death experience during a bombing raid, recounting the moment when a German soldier spared his father’s life as their paths crossed during a crashing plane incident.

Tragic Losses and Coping Mechanisms: Dominic discusses the heart-wrenching loss of a young evacuee, Teddy Willis, and the coping mechanisms families employed during wartime tragedies. He touches on the resilience of communities and the often-overlooked sacrifices made by civilians.

Arrival of American Soldiers: The episode explores the arrival of American soldiers in Cornwall, bringing a fresh perspective to the village. Dominic discusses the impact on local dynamics, including romantic entanglements and the challenges faced by families.

The Legacy of Evacuation: Dominic emphasizes the need to recognize and appreciate the civilian sacrifices made during World War II. He reflects on the impact of oral history in preserving stories and the importance of passing down experiences from generation to generation.

Promoting “Kisses on a Postcard”: Dominic passionately shares his mission to promote “Kisses on a Postcard” as a powerful story that deserves wider recognition. He invites listeners to explore the music, emotions, and untold stories captured in their stage production.

You can, and should listen to the excellent musical “Kisses on a Postcard” by clicking here.

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