Dick Pics: The History

Betwixt The Sheets: The History of Sex, Scandal & Society

Dick Pics: The History

Depictions of dicks have been an obsession in art for as long as art has been around, but the act of sending a real life image of ones penis is a cultural phenomenon all of its own. 

Additionally, the implications of receiving a dick pic nowadays isn’t just the image itself, but the context of it being one that you maybe didn’t ask for – a form of sexual harassment and violence in and of itself. 

So why do men send them? Is there an equal culture of a female equivalent? And what have images of dicks meant to different cultures historically? 

Today Kate is joined by Andrea Waling, researcher and author of Exploring the Cultural Phenomenon of the Dick Pic, to look long and hard into all of these questions and more. 

Senior Producer Charlotte Long. Edited and mixed by Tom Delargy.

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