Boneyard Safari with Ramon Purcell

The Damcasters – An Aviation Podcast

Boneyard Safari is one of those outfits I had always followed but never thought I’d get the chance to meet anyone from. Well, the trip to Arizona and the team at The Pima Air and Space Museum changed all that. While I was there, I got to spend time with Ramon Purcell, Boneyard Safari’s founder and Director of Photography. If you followed the F-117A Stealth Fighter’s move to the Pima Air and Space Museum or B-52H 61-009 “Damage Inc. II”‘s 9-day 1,407-mile from Davis Monthan AFB’s boneyard to Oklahoma City, you know Ramon’s work.

We sat down to discuss how he got into this game, the intricacies of photographing and moving aircraft, and greasing the wheels of locals as a massive aircraft crawled through their town. Our chat was a lot of fun and we have more in the pipeline too.

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