Between a rock and a hard place in the Tropic of Cancer during 800-900CE

HHE Podcast

Pete takes on a round-the-world challenge and finds himself between a rock and a hard place on the Tropic of Cancer. We discover the surprising product that rated alongside gold in value on the trans-Saharan trade routes and we meet a pair of travelling historians whose journeys took them from Africa to China. Also, learn how a failed rebellion can still bring down a dynasty, and find out how you might apply for your harlot’s license in 9th Century China.



00:00 Intro

01:32 Orientation to The Tropic of Cancer

16:07: History of The Tropic of Cancer

18:34 Between a Rock and a Hard Place

22:22 A Rocky Start

31:10 Travelling the Tropic

44:11 Rebellion in China

50:43 Derzolation

52:19 Outro



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