Battle of Aden

In March 2015, a ten-nation coalition of Gulf states launched an attack against Houthi insurgents in Aden. With Iran seeking to dominate the Southern Arabian Peninsula and take control of the Suez Canal, Aden became a key logistical city and suddenly found itself thrust into the limelight. With Washington involved in a Nuclear Deal with Iran for the first time, the Gulf States acted alone in their defense. But why was the Yemeni city of Aden so important to the coalition, and how far were they willing to go to defend it?

In this episode, James welcomes Michael Knights, author of the new book ’25 Days to Aden‘, to the podcast to help unpack this pivotal moment in modern history. Examining the socio-political importance of Aden, addressing Washington’s lack of support, and looking at the lasting consequences of this conflict, Michael helps explain what happened in those 25 days of 2015 and why they were so important.

Produced by Elena Guthrie

Edited by Aidan Lonergan

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