Australopithecus: Who Was Lucy?

The Ancients

Australopithecus: Who Was Lucy?

For millions of years, Australopithecus thrived in Africa’s vast landscapes, laying the groundwork for the emergence of the Homo genus. Later, alongside early members of the Homo genus, Australopithecus played a crucial role in shaping human evolution and our present-day existence.

In this episode, Tristan welcomes Professor Fred Spoor from the Natural History Museum back to the podcast. Together they delve into what we know so far about Australopiths. From their own evolution to the discovery of the famous partial skeleton ‘Lucy’ and the extraordinary archaeological findings that have emerged since. Looking at the latest revelations including the remarkable Dikika child – what can these ancient remnants teach us about our earliest ancestors? And how did they contribute to the path of human evolution?

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