ARP274 Greene Takes Command

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ARP274 Greene Takes Command

Major General Nathanael Greene takes command of the southern army in December 1780.  General Horatio Gates heads home, leaving a decimated and demoralized army.  Greene, supported by Major Generals Von Steuben and Greenwood, along with General Daniel Morgan, divides his forces and prepares to fight a guerilla war in the Carolinas against the British under General Charles Cornwallis.  Morgan begins the new phase of the war with a massacre of loyalists near Hammond’s Store in South Carolina.

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Book Recommendation of the Week: Nathanael Greene: A Biography of the American Revolution, by Gerald M. Carbone

Online Recommendation of the Week: 

The Life of Nathanael Greene, by George Washington Greene: 

Vol. 1:

Vol. 2:

Vol. 3:

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