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Today we’ve got an episode from the Patreon vault. Over there, Katy jumps on the mic for solo episodes from time to time and does her best to bring you some more obscure stories that maybe you haven’t heard anywhere else.

And today, we’re discussing Amy Dudley, the wife of Elizabeth I’s favorite (and likely lover) Robert Dudley. There are so many discussions about the mysterious death of Amy Rosbart Dudley, but so little is made about her life. So, we thought this would be an excellent time to discuss this. Though she never faced the chopping block, could she be considered a victim of the Tudor court too? And because we’re only human of course we’re a little curious– what did happen with that mysterious death??

Oh! Also, we mention Katy guesting on an episode of Tudor Dynasty Podcast, reading a review of Becoming Elizabeth. You can listen to that episode here if you like.

If you’re interested in more women from this time period, check out our Spotify Playlist titled Tudor Women.

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