Amazon KDP head Darren Hardy. Indie authors check this out!

Rock, Paper, Swords!

Our guest today is Darren Hardy, manager of the UK Author and Editorial Programmes at Amazon. Before that Darren was UK Manager for Kindle Direct Publishing. With nearly 20 years working at Amazon, Darren is the perfect person to answer all our questions about what goes on behind the scenes at KDP and what new and exciting plans Amazon has for the future.

Join us today as we chat about things like:

The Kindle Storyteller Award – how to enter, and what you can win (20 grand!)

The “magic formula” for understanding Amazon’s algorithms (there isn’t one!)

Amazon’s new book categories and how to use them best

Amazon’s charts

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it might affect KDP in future be it for “writing” nonsensical books, or affecting the charts

Paperback printing

And a load more!

If you have a question that we didn’t ask Darren please post it here, or on our social media pages and we’ll pass them on! and Twitter @rock_swords If you’re an indie author, you need to listen to this one!

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