AI and Copyright for writers with the ‘Copyright Waffle’ podcast!

Rock, Paper, Swords!

Listen to the end to make sure you hear THEIR cover version of our theme song, and also OUR cover of their theme song!

Our guests today are Chris Morrison and Jane Secker from the Copyright Waffle podcast which is dedicated to “Decoding copyright and bringing you enlightenment”. 

As well as hosting their podcast, Jane and Chris are also the authors of the book Copyright and E-learning: A guide for practitioners.

Chris is Copyright and Licensing Specialist at Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford. Jane is Programme Director for the MA in Academic Practice and Senior Lecturer in Educational Development at the City University of London.

You’re probably wondering why we’ve invited experts in copyright  onto a podcast about historical action and adventure but, if you remember, we did an episode recently about the rise of Artificial Intelligence and how it was beginning to affect writers in particular. So, hopefully our guests today can shed some light on this issue and maybe even set our minds at ease. Or not! Let’s find out!

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