You’re Dead To Me

Sue Perkins and Dr Lucy Worsley join Greg Jenner to discuss the life of world-famous novelist, Agatha Christie.

Agatha Christie is arguably the greatest ever crime novelist but her work has also permeated film, theatre and television over the past century. Christie also lived during an extraordinary period of modern history. Her life encompassed the end of the Victorian era, the two world wars and ended at the age of 85 in 1976.

There was also much more to Christie the person: from unexpected sporting hobbies to a romantic life that had its fair share of heartbreak and harmony; her life off the page is as interesting as her novels are on it.

Research by Jessica Honey

Written by Emma Nagouse, Emmie Rose Price-Goodfellow, Jessica Honey and Greg Jenner

Produced by Emma Nagouse and Greg Jenner

Assistant Producer: Emmie Rose Price-Goodfellow

Project Management: Isla Matthews

Audio Producer: Steve Hankey

You’re Dead To Me is a production by The Athletic for BBC Radio 4.

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  1. Wonderful Podcast! I love Agatha Christie and this combination of guests and host were informative and FUN.

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