THE VERDICT: Adding Insult to Injury in Yorkshire during the 1500’s

HHE Podcast

Special guest-host Jim Coulson is in the dock awaiting judgement from Judge Dersley. Will his Yorkshire Day episode prove sufficiently factual and entertaining, or will the Judge deem it worthy of the worms of Ilkley Moor? Containing facts and trivia unable to fit into the main episode, found out about the King of the Ferrets, how Goddard killed some people, why the head of Richard Plantagenet’s head appears to shoppers in York, and how Singaporeans harnessed the smell of fear. All of that now on… THE VERDICT! 


00:00 Intro

03:28 First Impressions

05:34 Ferret Bothering

11:24 The Bradford Humbug Poisoning & Ridings

17:46 Wine, a Spike and Anniversary Dates

22:22 The Poo-seum

27:12 The Verdict

31:47 Outro


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