The Ancients


This episode contains themes of a sexual nature

Achilles is one of the greatest heroes in Greek mythology. The son of Peleus, a Greek King, and Thetis, a divine sea nymph, Achilles was a demigod with extraordinary strength and courage. The perfect combination to make a great warrior, he is perhaps best known from Homer’s epic poem the Iliad, which details his adventures in the final year of the Trojan War.

He’s also gone down in history for his passionate love for his companion, Patroclus, and given June is Pride month, we wanted to explore this relationship. Was it really erotic? What do the sources say? Does our definition of love differ to that of the Ancient Greeks? And how did it inspire one of the greatest military generals in history: Alexander of Macedon?

To help explore these themes, host Tristan Hughes is joined by returning guest Professor Alastair Blanshard from University of Queensland.

Voiceover: Lucy Davidson

Script Writer: Andrew Hulse

Editor: Aidan Lonergan

Assistant Producer: Annie Coloe

Senior Producer: Elena Guthrie

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