The Curiosity of a Child

A podcast about history, science, tales and everything in between.

We are The Curiosity of a Child, a father and son who discuss everything from science and history to monsters and games. We look at the quirky and unusual as well we the mundane from around the world as well as seeking out local history, events and characters. Don’t be put off by a young co-host, this isn’t a podcast aimed at kids, we don’t shy away from the stories we uncover. That said we aim to by fun, accessible and enjoyable to all!

And we don’t just research, we like to test and recreate! We’ve performed a traditional magical ritual whilst exploring the history of magic and recreated the Great London Stink to understand just how bad it was. We’ve tasted spices from around the globe to understand why nations went to war over them and recorded in megalithic passage graves to feel the power they gave to our ancestors. Join us and rediscover your curiosity!