A New Royal Tomb? Egyptology News (2023 End-of-Year Summary)

The History of Egypt Podcast

A new year dawns, and it’s time to look back. Egyptology and archaeology had a great year in 2023, with numerous major discoveries, studies, and conservation projects reaching fruition. Here is a sample selection of some particularly significant finds…

Discoveries and Reports (in order of discussion):

  1. Luxor, new royal tomb: Press Release from Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities. Article by Dr. Piers Litherland in Egyptian Archaeology 63 (2023). Hear about the (brief) reign of Thutmose II on the podcast, episode 60 “Thutmosid Family Values.”
  2. Luxor, tomb re-openings: The tomb of Meru (Polish Centre for Mediterranean Archaeology). The tombs of Hurri and Djehuty (Proyecto Djehuty and Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities Press Release).
  3. Abydos, grave goods of Mer(et)-Neith: Press Release from the University of Vienna. Hear about the life and reign of Mer(et)-Neith on the podcast, episode 02 “Horus Takes Flight.”
  4. Abydos, temple of Ramesses II animal burials: Article by Dr. Sameh Iskander in Egyptian Archaeology 63 (2023).
  5. Saqqara, embalming workshops and Old Kingdom tomb: Press Release from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.
  6. Saqqara, Gisr el-Mudir new finds: Press Release from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities.
  7. Saqqara, new temple for Hathor: Article by Ahmed Osman in Egyptian Archaeology 63 (2023).
  8. Abusir, tomb of the 27th Dynasty scribe Djehuty-em-hat: Press Release from the Czech Institute of Egyptology (Charles University).
  9. Cairo Museum, CT scans and 3d printing of Ptolemaic mummy: Press Release from the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and open-access article at Frontiers in Medicine.

Egyptology Newsletters and Websites:

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