A History of Queer Women

Betwixt The Sheets: The History of Sex, Scandal & Society

A History of Queer Women

One thing’s for certain, queer people have always been a part of society. The language may not have always been there to describe them in all of their wonderful forms, and the history books may not have always told their stories, but they have always been there. 

To celebrate the start of Pride month, Kate is joined by author Kirsty Loehr, who’s book A Short History of Queer Women is here to shine a spotlight on some of the marvellous people and their lives. 

From the woman who’s thought to be the OG lesbian in Ancient Greece, to more modern intersectional gay black feminists via a runaway lesbian pirate in the 18th century, it’s important their stories are heard. 

Produced and edited by Stuart Beckwith. Senior Producer Charlotte Long. 

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