Elizabeth Freeman (with People Hidden in History)

Her Half of History

August 21st will mark 242 years since an incredible woman named Elizabeth Freeman sued her owner for freedom and won. In celebration, I am going to play today an interview with her that I did with Kathleen Langone of the People Hidden in History podcast.

Kathleen began historical research by doing her own family history, and she has branched out from there, with episodes about Flora MacDonald, the 18th century revolutionary and Connecticut witch trials. She is a particular expert on the Gilded Age miniature portrait painter Amalia Kussner, which you may remember from an earlier episode she did for me in series 10.

You can find Kahtleen’s show on her website or wherever you get your podcasts. She can also be reached through Twitter (X) or Instagram or LinkedIn. Please check her show out and give her a listen!

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