389. The Fall of the Aztecs: The Night of Tears (Part 6)

‎The Rest Is History

Things have never looked bleaker for Hernán Cortés and his band of Spaniards. They are trapped, starving and terrified in the heart of the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan, surrounded by an enraged people bent on revenge. And with their imperial hostage Montezuma dead, they only have one option left – a desperate escape in the dead of night. 

Can they make it across the lake with their gold? Or will the Aztecs intercept them before it’s too late?

In today’s episode of this epic series, Tom and Dominic tell the story of one of the most dramatic moments in all history – the night of 30th June 1520, La Noche Triste, when the Spanish tried to break out of Tenochtitlan. They also explore the aftermath of this hellish episode, and the arrival of another, even greater threat to the survival of the Aztecs – disease …

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Producer: Theo Young-Smith

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