386. The Fall of the Aztecs: The City of Gold (Part 3)

‎The Rest Is History

“Conquer or die! Conquer or die! Conquer or die!”

Making a decision that will change the course of history, Hernán Cortés chooses to disobey his orders and head inland in search of the gold-rich empire of the mysterious Montezuma. Ahead lie the mountain passes that will lead him down into the Valley of Mexico, a vast lake shimmering at its heart. 

In the middle of the lake lies the island city of Tenochtitlan, a vision of bustling marketplaces and soaring pyramids. But are the Spaniards advancing as conquerors – or are they walking into a trap? And just what is Montezuma planning? 

Join Dominic and Tom to explore perhaps the most astonishing encounter in all human history – not just the meeting of two extraordinary characters, but a collision of cultures that will have dark and bloody consequences …

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Producer: Theo Young-Smith

Executive Producers: Jack Davenport + Tony Pastor

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