385. The Fall of the Aztecs: The Woman Who Changed The World (Part 2)

‎The Rest Is History

Hernán Cortés has set sail from Cuba, eager to find the truth behind the rumours of gold on the coast of Mexico. Ahead lies a world he can barely imagine – a land of pyramid temples, terrifying gods and unknown peoples – the empire of the Aztecs. But Cortés has a secret weapon: a woman whose very name has become a byword for treachery …

In today’s episode, Dominic and Tom explore the extraordinary story of Malinche, the slave-girl given by the Mayans to the Spanish, who becomes Cortés’s translator, guide, lover and adviser. As the expedition moves north along the Mexican coast, is she really doing the Spaniards’ bidding? Or has she secretly taken control, leading them ever closer to a tumultuous and bloody showdown? For all the time, Montezuma is waiting …

Don’t miss the second episode in this thrilling account of the Fall of the Aztecs!

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