378. Baghdad: The Golden Age

‎The Rest Is History

Baghdad was a place of fabulous sophistication and teeming multitudes, where terrible things could happen, but great wonders could also be found… During the Islamic Golden Age, it was the most global city the world had ever seen, a truly diverse cosmopolis, with silks and porcelains from China, spices from India, slaves from the frozen shores of the distant “North”, and ships coming and going from Vietnam, Indonesia, and the southern-most reaches of Africa. Arabic was the universal language, with Islam providing a framework for trade. In the third part of our series on Baghdad, Tom and Dominic take a deep dive into the life of the Caliph Harun al-Rashid, and the golden age of Baghdad: exemplary viziers, succession battles, pigeon racing, canals, exotic cuisine, gentrification, polo pitches and much more!

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Producer: Theo Young-Smith

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