190: Omm Sety, Guardian of Abydos

The History of Egypt Podcast

Dorothy Eady, Bulbul Abd el-Meguid, Omm Sety… A woman of three names, multiple lives, and a lifelong devotion to Egyptology. From the 1950s to 1981, Omm Sety was a resident of Abydos, and a regular worshipper at the great Temple of Sety I. Her life is a tale of dedication, spiritual connection, and fascination with the ancient past. In this episode, we explore Omm Sety’s life and try to “shine a spotlight” on her work, personality, and beliefs…

Documentaries about Omm Sety (YouTube):

Episode details:

  • Jonathan Cott, The Search for Omm Sety at Archive.org.
  • Omm Sety and Hanny el Zeini, Abydos: Holy City of Ancient Egypt at Archive.org.
  • Date: 1904—1981 CE.
  • Places: Blackheath; Cairo; Abydos.
  • Music: Ancient Lyric.
  • Interludes: Luke Chaos and Hathor Systrum.

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