#145 Investigating Monster Sightings with Ben Radford

Roots of Reality

In this Roots of Reality Experiences episode, historian Ben Baumann speaks with science-based paranormal investigator Ben Radford about the most popular monsters today, why cryptozoology is popular, and his investigations of various monster sighting claims. Podcast- podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/squa…ge/id1226273233 Facebook- www.facebook.com/ben.radford.58 Twitter- twitter.com/BTRadford Articles- skepticalinquirer.org/s/?_sft_author…njamin-radford Books- www.amazon.com/Benjamin-Radford/…ng_rwt_scns_share If you like the podcast, leave a review at: podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/root…ty/id1466338710 Follow Roots of Reality on Social Media: Facebook- facebook.com/RootsofReality Twitter- twitter.com/_RootsofReality Instagram- instagram.com/rootsofreality/?hl=en YouTube- youtube.com/channel/UCvmG6sKFW9…isable_polymer=true (Views and memories stated by guests in interviews do not represent Roots of Reality)

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